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Israel rejects Gaza ceasefire according to Hamas

First British nationals leave Gaza amidst ceasefire and humanitarian efforts

Source: Metro UK

The first British nationals have left Gaza via the Rafah border crossing from the Strip into Egypt, the Foreign Office has said.

Britons trapped in the besieged Strip had been turned away from the only crossing not governed by Israel in the hours after it opened on Wednesday.

But the Foreign Office has now said the border will be open for ‘controlled and time-limited periods’ to allow specific groups of foreign nationals and the seriously injured to leave Gaza.

A spokesperson added: ‘We have agreed on a list of British nationals that want to leave Gaza with Egyptian and Israeli authorities. We will be informed in advance when those on the list can use the crossing to ensure we can provide assistance.’

Elsewhere, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says Israel has rejected a hostage exchange deal and a ceasefire initiative.

In a televised address, Haniyeh said the US needed to stop supporting ‘this fascist government and … stop obstructing international efforts’ to bring a humanitarian ceasefire.

Israeli hostages being held in the Gaza Strip were subject to the same ‘death and destruction’ that Palestinians have faced, he added.

Hundreds of Palestinians are feared to be dead, injured or trapped under the rubble after Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp was hit by Israeli shelling for a second day in a row, along with seven Israeli hostages caught in the crossfire.

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