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Producers and importers join forces to tackle tobacco product waste

Transforming trash into fuel and promoting responsible disposal practices with innovative dispensers


Producers and importers of tobacco products with filters have embarked on a significant environmental initiative, aligning themselves with the European Directive 2019/904/EU. This commitment entails taking charge of collecting improperly disposed tobacco products from various public spaces, covering the expenses associated with both the collection process and public awareness campaigns.

The core driving force behind this endeavor is the economic impracticality of recycling the substantial waste volume generated by these tobacco products, amounting to approximately 320-350 tons per year. In response, the collected waste will be repurposed as fuel, a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution to managing this surplus.

This initiative's primary target areas encompass public spaces notorious for heightened waste disposal, including beaches, parks, squares, and bustling shopping streets. To facilitate the responsible disposal of tobacco product waste, special dispensers for cigarette butts, similar to those in use in Greece, will be set up and utilized in these designated areas.

Within the next six months, producers aim to establish a comprehensive waste collection and management system, guided by specific objectives. The overarching goal is to achieve a substantial 30% reduction in waste over six years, starting from the present year.

As a vital aspect of their commitment to responsible waste management, producers are expected to work in collaboration with local authorities. This partnership aims to promote and inculcate responsible consumer behavior among the public, ensuring that tobacco product waste is properly disposed of and managed.

However, in instances where local authorities decline cooperation or refuse to participate, measures may be implemented to enforce their involvement in this crucial initiative. This cooperative and collective effort demonstrates a proactive response to the environmental challenges posed by tobacco product waste in public spaces, showcasing the commitment of producers and importers to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.


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