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Hunt for killers intensifies in Kalogeropoulos ambush

Police release photo of suspects in fatal attack on Thanasis Kalogeropoulos


The police are closing in on the perpetrators of the fatal ambush on 55-year-old Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, which occurred on Monday morning. The authorities have released a photograph featuring two individuals riding a large motorcycle of dark color. According to police sources, this is surveillance footage obtained from the area where the suspect's vehicle was found burnt immediately after the murder. Notably, the passenger in the photo is wearing a carnival mask. Anyone with information that may help identify the suspects is urged to contact the Limassol Crime Investigation Department or the Citizen's Hotline.

Kalogeropoulos suffered over ten gunshot wounds and the autopsy revealed severe cranioencephalic injuries along with multiple body and organ injuries caused by a firearm. The assassination took place in broad daylight around 08:30 on the coastal road of Amathounta in Limassol. The victim was attempting to park his vehicle near a well-known restaurant when two masked assailants closed off the entrance with their vehicle and opened fire. Kalogeropoulos tried to escape in his vehicle, which came to a halt a few meters away, where he sustained fatal gunshot wounds.


[Based on information from Cyprus News Agency]

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