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Double homicide shrouded in mystery, points to professionals

Perplexing assassinations leave Cyprus on edge as investigators seek answers

Andreas Georgallas

Andreas Georgallas

In a perplexing case, the recent double murder of Alexios Mavromichalis and Thanasis Kalogeropoulos has left authorities in Cyprus facing a challenging puzzle. The attack on Verenikis Street in Nicosia, which targeted Alexios, took law enforcement by surprise, even though concerns had arisen after Kalogeropoulos' murder. Police were left with limited information, as the Chief of Police confirmed the victim's prior interactions with law enforcement but noted a recent lack of information.The balcony where Alexis Mavromichalis' home where he was shot

Police investigations following the murders revealed a well-coordinated plan, leaving key questions unanswered. Authorities are now grappling with how the power dynamics of the local nightlife scene may change and who might exploit the void left by these assassinations.

The connection between these two murders and their motives remain pivotal aspects of the case. Alexios Mavromichalis, in particular, had been targeted by paid hitmen multiple times in recent years. Police sources suggest that the murders might be displays of power orchestrated by hitmen from outside Cyprus, potentially acting on behalf of other criminal factions looking to establish a presence in Cyprus.

The modus operandi of the perpetrators also raises suspicions of professionalism, as they displayed detailed knowledge of their victims' movements, executed their plans with precision, and managed to evade detection in busy areas during their operations.

These double homicides have sent shockwaves through the local community, leaving law enforcement with a complex case to unravel as they search for answers in the midst of a city on edge.


[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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