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Police to boost frontline presence and tackle organized crime

Police announced measures to enhance public safety

Andreas Georgallas

Andreas Georgallas

Amid escalating concerns about a recent surge in crime, the police have unveiled a comprehensive set of measures designed to enhance public safety and tackle underlying structural issues within the force.

This move comes in the wake of a meeting convened by Minister of Justice Mr. Marios Hartsiotis, during which the police were expected to present proposals for discussion. However, it seems that the force is still in the process of formulating a concrete plan of action.

Recent events, such as the attacks on Thanasis Kalogeropoulos and Alexis Mavromichalis, a firecracker incident causing injury to football player Giorgos Papageorgiou, and an attempted murder in Aglantzia, have prompted questions regarding the efficacy of law enforcement in addressing organized crime and violence.

In response to these challenges, the police have delineated detailed measures:

1. Enhanced Frontline Presence: The force intends to augment the number of police members working on the frontline, directly addressing the identified need for stronger police forces on the front lines.

2. Strengthened Patrols: Pedestrian and motor patrols will be deployed in cities and suburbs, with the implementation of static controls to amplify policing efforts.

3. Improved Information Management: Recognizing the significance of effective information handling, the Police Information Management and Analysis Sub-Division will undergo strengthening.

4. Combatting Financial Crime: The Financial Crime Investigation Branch will receive reinforcements to more effectively address financial crimes.

5. Intensified Investigations: Financial investigations will be heightened to identify and seize proceeds from illegal activities.

The government has also decided to implement undisclosed additional measures, citing security concerns and emphasizing the necessity to ensure the operational effectiveness of the police.

In a bid to address fan violence, the police will implement stringent measures during sports events:

1. Thorough Checks: Police will conduct thorough checks of all entrants to sports grounds, determining the time of fans' attendance at specific matches.

2. Scrutiny of Supporters' Associations: The operation of supporters' associations in Cyprus will be examined, with closure decrees issued where necessary.

3. Prevention of Violence: In cases where there is a risk of violence, the police will apply relevant legislation and may recommend the cancellation or cessation of events.

Minister of Justice Mr. Marios Hartsiotis, commenting on the measures, stated that they were not unprecedented, emphasizing the need for immediate action.

The announcement aims to address long-standing concerns among police officers on the front lines, who have stressed the importance of effective measures and leadership commitment.

The police now face the challenge of transitioning from announcements to implementation, with the ultimate goal of restoring citizens' sense of security.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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