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Concerns grow over new faces controlling the streets

Police highlight risks as crime dynamics evolve

Andreas Georgallas

Andreas Georgallas

Amid a series of serious events, concerns intensify as the Minister of Justice officially addresses the ''difficult situation.''

Criminal actions jeopardizing citizens' lives, attacks on justice officers, and a surge in unsolved cases paint a scene of anarchy, revealing a worrisome ability of criminal elements to act undisturbed.

Fear mounts over nighttime activities

Following the murders of Alexis Mavromichalis and Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, police sources indicate a new order for nighttime control. Concerns grow over a potential wave of new strikes, confirming worries about the police's inability to prevent and suppress crime. Recent events highlight fears of those exploiting the vacuum, posing risks to public safety.

Shift in organized crime dynamics

Evidence suggests a shift in organized crime dynamics, evident in recent high-profile incidents. The change is reflected in the bold actions of criminals, striking in busy areas without regard for collateral damage. Frontline police express concerns of a potential spiraling situation, emphasizing the need for a revamped operational plan, increased police presence, and coordinated efforts against organized crime.

Youthful players in nighttime control

A notable concern centers around the emergence of young individuals vying for control of the night in Nicosia and Limassol. The battle involves illegal activities such as protection, loan sharking, illegal gambling, drugs, and weapons.

Police stress the importance of managing information and operations effectively in this transitional phase to avert potential risks in the coming period.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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