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Jacqueline Kassteen at Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2020

The organizing committee of the 3rd Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2020 is pleased to announce an important speaker at the Digital Age Conference to be held online on Wednesday 21 October


Jacqueline Kassteen has 20 years of marketing experience in international education, student travel, publishing, lead generation, retail, and financial services.

Kassteen is known as a “top industry analyst” with extensive breadth and depth of knowledge in international education and marketing. She is a proactive, lateral thinker - able to create synergies across an organisation and craft innovative, multi-channel strategic approaches in marketing (inbound and outbound), communications, and product development. She has worked as an intrapreneur across a variety of organisational sizes and structures, enabling others to capitalise on changes in the market, and creating opportunities for brand development and revenue generation.

Now an entrepreneur, she launched 2 companies in 14 months. Kassteen is the Owner and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, a consultancy, project management, and training company, and, an award-winning platform dedicated to showcasing success stories in marketing, recruitment, enrolment and retention.

Kassteen works with clients as a consultant and project manager, offering marketing expertise in the international education industry. She advises on recruitment and retention strategies through the use of online and offline marketing techniques, agencies, social media, alumni, product development, as well as competitive analysis and research.

The 3rd Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2020

The 3rd Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2020 aims to highlight and discuss the prevalent issues of our time whilst examining the increased need for specialised knowledge in our rapidly changing world.

The conference will cover presentations and discussions on various topics, such as the management of consumer behaviour after the "Coronavirus Era", "Education on the brink", the emergence of the "Black Lives Matter" movement and how corporate ethos is now changing. We will also be addressing the influence of Social Media on democracy and the build up and spread of conspiracy theories (e.g. 5G). Health once again will play a central role, with a debate revolving around research on the impact of steroids. Finally, the issue of Europe's handling of the pandemic will also be a topic of conversation.

The conference will be held entirely online, with high profile participants of the global and regional scene belonging to the field of technology, corporate ethics, research and innovation, consumer behaviour and much more.

Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit is a reality thanks to the support of Cyta, Bank of Cyprus, Deloitte, and LOGICOM. Participants will be the most important educational institutions of the country: University of Nicosia, European University Cyprus, Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Frederick University.

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