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Kaili slams Qatargate probe and freemason judges in TV interview

MEPs face bribery and money laundering charges


MEP Eva Kaili, facing corruption and money laundering charges in the Qatargate scandal, vehemently defended herself in a recent interview with Italian channel Retequattro.

As reported by Greek City Times, the former vice-president of the European Parliament expressed concern over what she called "flagrant violations of European law" and criticized the lack of presumption of innocence and impartiality among the judges investigating her case.

According to excerpts from the interview published by ANSA news agency, Kaili raised eyebrows by pointing out the judges' connections to Freemasonry and the resulting conflicts of interest.

She argued that the guarantees present in Italy did not apply to her situation. Kaili asserted, "Here there was and is only the presumption of guilt," emphasizing her determination to prove her innocence, claiming there is no evidence to support the accusations against her.

The MEP also shed light on the challenging circumstances she faced during pre-trial detention, alleging pressure tactics, including threats regarding her daughter's custody. She decried what she deemed an "unacceptable" violation of rights within the heart of Europe.

Eva Kaili has called for an opportunity to address the European Parliament, emphasizing the importance of citizens knowing the details before the European elections.

She further criticized Qatargate investigator Michel Claise, who resigned due to suspected conflicts of interest related to his son's joint venture with MEP Maria Arena's son in a medical cannabis company.

The scandal involves Kaili, former MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, and two others, facing charges related to alleged payments from Qatar and Morocco.

While Panzeri has cooperated with Belgian authorities for a reduced sentence, both Qatar and Kaili deny any wrongdoing. The situation escalated with Kaili's former partner, Francesco Giorgi, confessing to taking bribes and implicating MEP Marc Tarabella in alleged corruption.

A Belgian investigation suggested Tarabella "may have been involved in acts of corruption" with payments totaling between €120,000 and €140,000.

The scandal surfaced in December 2022, leading to raids across Brussels and Italy, uncovering a web of corruption and financial misconduct. The unfolding events continue to cast a shadow over European politics, prompting concerns about the integrity of the Qatargate investigation.

[With information sourced from Greek City Times]

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