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Rain and thunderstorms to hit western regions

Strong winds and wave-like conditions forecasted


A mild low-pressure system has a subtle impact on the region. Expect variable weather conditions today, primarily characterized by intermittent clouds.

Anticipate local rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, particularly in the western half of the island. Higher peaks of Troodos might experience snow or sleet.

Gradually, as the afternoon unfolds, these weather phenomena will temporarily weaken. Winds will predominantly blow from the southwest, ranging from moderate to strong (4-5 Beaufort), gradually becoming locally very strong (5-6 Beaufort).

The sea will be turbulent and occasionally wave-like.

Temperature-wise, it will reach around 19°C inland, in the west, and on the north coasts, around 20°C in the south and east coasts, and 8°C in the higher mountainous areas.

Tonight, the weather remains predominantly cloudy. Initially, expect isolated showers, mainly in the western regions. However, later on, local rain and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated, especially in the western half of the island. These weather phenomena will progressively extend to other areas.

Winds will shift to southerly to southwesterly directions, weak to moderate inland (3-4 Beaufort), while coastal regions experience moderate and occasionally strong gusts (4-5 Beaufort). The sea will remain turbulent and intermittently wave-like.

Temperature-wise, it will drop to around 9°C inland, approximately 13°C on the coasts, and about 4°C in the higher mountainous regions, where localized frost formation is expected.

Wednesday's weather will feature intermittent cloud cover with the continuation of local rain and isolated thunderstorms at times.

As we look towards Thursday and Friday, initially, the weather will be mostly clear with locally increased cloudiness. However, gradually, it will become partially cloudy and locally intermittently cloudy, with sporadic rain at intervals.

Temperature-wise, there's no significant deviation expected, remaining consistently above seasonal averages.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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