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King Charles' modern portrait revealed after coronation

London exhibition to feature King Charles' portrait by Jonathan Yio


King Charles' inaugural portrait, revealed on Tuesday following his coronation in May 2023, presents a striking blend of tradition and contemporary artistry.

The 75-year-old monarch stands adorned in the ceremonial attire of the Welsh Guard, a sword held firmly in hand, set against a backdrop of vibrant red hues. A delicate butterfly hovers just beyond his shoulder, symbolizing the transformative nature of his public role.

Renowned British artist Jonathan Yio, recognized for his portraits of prominent figures including Kevin Spacey, David Cameron, and members of the royal family, was entrusted with capturing the essence of King Charles.

"In crafting this portrait, I sought to honor the time-honored conventions of royal portraiture while infusing it with the spirit of the 21st century monarchy," expressed Yio, 53, whose prior subjects include Charles's late father, Prince Philip.

Commissioned by the monarch in 2020, well before his ascension to the throne, the portrait embodies a synthesis of tradition and evolution, mirroring the trajectory of King Charles' public service.

Reflecting on the unveiling, Queen Camilla is said to have remarked to Yio, "Yes, you captured him perfectly."

The artwork is slated for public display at Drapers’ Hall in London starting late August, as announced by the palace.

[With information sourced from BBC, Reuters]

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