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Government to appoint criminal investigators to tackle cold case (UPDATE)

President Christodoulides takes decisive step in pursuit of Justice after 19 long years



The Cyprus Cabinet has decided to appoint two independent criminal investigators to probe the case of Thanasis Nikolaos's death.

''For 19 years, certain aspects of this case have been overlooked. We must leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth,'' -Christodoulides

In a statement following the session, Minister of Justice Marios Hartsiotis announced that attorney Thanasis Athanasiou and retired Hellenic Army Deputy General Lambros Pappas have been chosen for the task.

Andriana Nikolaou, the mother of the deceased, expressed gratitude for the decision, referring to it as "our last hope." Speaking on ANT1's midday broadcast, she thanked the President of the Republic and expressed her full confidence in the appointed investigators. She emphasized the significance of this decision, describing it as the culmination of years of anguish and uncertainty.

Earlier today:

The Cyprus Government will make a decisive move today in the long-standing case of Thanassis Nikolaos, President Nicos Christodoulides announced at the start of the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

President Christodoulides stated that the government will take a political decision to appoint two independent criminal investigators to delve into the details of the case spanning from 2005 to 2024. This decision comes after years of unresolved questions surrounding Nikolaos' case, prompting the need for a thorough investigation.

"We have been in contact with the family since the beginning, offering financial support, and today, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that justice is served," President Christodoulides affirmed.

The appointment of independent investigators aims to shed light on crucial aspects of the case that have remained unexplored for nearly two decades. President Christodoulides emphasized the importance of conducting a comprehensive inquiry into the matter, given the apparent gaps in previous investigations.

"For 19 years, certain aspects of this case have been overlooked. We must leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth," President Christodoulides stated.

The decision to appoint independent investigators underscores the government's commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing unresolved cases. By initiating this step, authorities aim to provide closure to the family of Thanassis Nikolaos and uphold the integrity of the justice system.

"We do not assume a stance; we defer to the expertise of the investigators. Today's decision reflects our dedication to ensuring that justice prevails," President Christodoulides concluded.

The appointment of independent criminal investigators marks a significant development in the Thanassis Nikolaos case, signaling a renewed effort to uncover the truth behind the decades-old mystery.

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