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Court rules strangulation, not suicide, in Thanasis case

Third investigation into the Thanasis case overturns initial findings, unveils evidence of foul play


In a dramatic turn of events, the Limassol District Court concluded the third investigation into the death of Thanasis Nikolaou, ruling that he died from strangulation. Nikolaou, whose body was found under the Alassa bridge on September 29, 2005, was previously deemed to have died by suicide.

The court accepted the argument put forth by Karagiannis, emphasizing suffocating spots on Nikolaou's lungs and marks on his neck indicative of strangulation. This decision marks a significant departure from the initial ruling by forensic pathologist Panikos Stavrianos, who determined Nikolaou's death was a result of a fall from the bridge.

The investigation, which commenced last October, focused on new data unearthed after the exhumation and examination of Nikolaou's bones in 2020. The court rejected requests from Stavrianos and others to participate, ultimately siding with the conclusion that Nikolaou's death was a criminal act.

Nikolaou, a 26-year-old architect from Australia, had faced harassment and intimidation from fellow National Guardsmen prior to his death. Despite seeking assistance and expressing concerns to his superiors, his fate remained unchanged. His family's persistent efforts eventually led to the appointment of criminal investigators and a fresh examination of the case by forensic expert Marios Matsakis.

The findings from the new forensic report, conducted in Greece, have shattered previous assumptions. The revelation that Nikolaou died by strangulation underscores the enduring mystery surrounding his demise. The court's ruling stands as a testament to his family's unwavering pursuit of justice.

[Information from 24News]

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