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Thanasis' death inquiry reaches boiling point with third interrogation

Gripping drama unfolds in soldier's death probe


After a series of intricate legal proceedings, including testimonies from the Legal Service and family attorneys, the complex investigation into the death of 26-year-old soldier Thanasis Nicolaou is nearing its conclusion. A date is anticipated to be set soon for the decision by the presiding judge.

Representatives from the Pancyprian Committee of Mothers and Relatives of National Guardsmen (PEMSNE) are scheduled to express their support for the Nicolaou family today at 11:30 during the ongoing process. Nicolaou was found dead under the Alasha Bridge on September 29, 2005.

During the previous phase of the inquiry last October, both sides agreed to continue proceedings based on new evidence gathered after the exhumation and examination of Nicolaou's remains in 2020. This evidence suggested foul play, contrary to the initial ruling of suicide by forensic pathologist Panikos Stavrianos.

Despite efforts for expedited proceedings, disagreements between the Legal Service and family attorneys led to delays beyond the initially projected end of 2023.

Previously, the court dismissed a request by pathologist Stavrianos to participate as an interested party, and subsequently, as a witness, following objections from the family's attorneys. Similarly, the presiding judge rejected requests from the Legal Service for new forensic reports by Dr. Andreas Marneridis and Dr. Elpida Spanoudaki, both of whom denied involvement in the case.

Testimonies from various professionals, including pathologists, geneticists, and police investigators, were central to the inquiry, often leading to tensions between legal representatives.

While Dr. Agapitos, called upon by the Legal Service, refrained from conclusively determining the cause of Nicolaou's death, Dr. Karagianni, the pathologist, asserted strangulation as the cause. Criminal investigator Savvas Matsas, assigned to the case by the General Prosecutor, echoed these sentiments, expressing certainty of foul play based on directives from the Prosecutor General.

In the preceding phase, the presiding judge requested written submissions from both sides, which will be reviewed before the final decision is announced.

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