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Laborer dead after falling off scaffold in Nicosia

Nicosia police and labor office investigate incident after Turkish Cypriot man dies on the job


A post mortem is expected to shed light on the death of a laborer in Nicosia, who fell from scaffolding at a construction site and passed away in the Emergency Room two hours later.

Police said 61-year-old Ahmet Tuncer was working at a construction site in Strovolos on Thursday morning, when he fell from scaffolding around 9am according to preliminary information.

Reports said Tuncer, described as a Turkish Cypriot living in the north, had been working on a scaffold two floors high when he fell to the ground. No further details were provided over the incident.

It was also unclear whether he was working alone at the time or even if he was spotted immediately, while a police report said the worker was found on the ground with loss of consciousness.

He was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where he passed away at 10:50am according to the police report.

A post mortem already scheduled to be carried out is expected to shed light on the time and cause of death, while labor department officials have joined the investigation.


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