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Larnaca urges beachgoers to respect dog bathing rules

Visitors to the Spyros Beach area have been asked to adhere to rules while bathing dogs to prevent issues with fellow beachgoers


The Larnaca Municipality has issued an appeal to individuals enjoying the Spyros Beach area for dog bathing, urging them to strictly follow current regulations to prevent any conflicts with other beach users.

In an official statement, the Municipality emphasized that dog owners or guardians should utilize solely the designated beach area clearly marked with fencing and signs for dog washing. Furthermore, they are required to carry their dog's ownership permit and health booklet at all times. When off the beach, dogs must be kept on a leash to ensure the safety of other dogs and bathers. Additionally, owners must clean up after their dogs and use specially designated beach bins for disposal.

The chosen beach section for dog bathing at Spyros Beach was designated by the Central Beach Commission on July 31, 2014, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 H, paragraph (g), subsection (1) of the Beach Protection Law - Chapter 59. This decision was published in the Official Gazette on August 8, 2014.

The Municipality underscores the vital importance of public cooperation to maintain the proper functioning of the designated dog bathing beach, particularly during periods of high visitor traffic.

Larnaca Municipality also extends an invitation to citizens without dogs to opt for adjacent beaches instead of the designated dog bathing area to help alleviate crowding and mitigate potential conflicts.

And thanks to Mamika Dog Grooming, here's a list of 6 dog-friendly beaches in Cyprus you can dive into and enjoy this summer with your loyal friend:
Spyros Beach, Larnaca
Glyki Nero A, Paralimni, Famagusta
Steratzia Beach, Kato Pyrgos, Nicosia
Karavopetra Beach, Limassol
Prolimnos Beach, Pissouri, Limassol
Acheilia Beach/Paphos Airport Beach, Paphos
Pitili Beach, off Neo Chorio, Paphos

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