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Horses can also splash around at dog beaches (VIDEO)

Horses can also be taken for a swim at the seven dog beaches across the Republic of Cyprus

Newsroom / CNA

In addition to dogs, horses can also be taken for a short swim at designated dog beaches across the island.

Iacovos Tofi, who cares for two horses in a stable in Lymbia, told the Cyprus News Agency that “all horses can go to the beach for a swim, and those that have problems with their legs are taken to the beach especially, as the sea water benefits animals just as it does humans.”

Tofi said his own horses have problems with their legs, and so he takes them for a swim at Spyros Beach in Meneou two to three times a week for exercise.

He added that horses should only be allowed to swim deeper in the sea for around five minutes, but can remain in the water in the shallow end for a longer period.

The Republic of Cyprus has seven beaches where dogs are welcome, though owners are required to follow a set of rules, including always having to carry their ownership license and their dog’s health record booklet, while dogs must always be kept on a leash. Dog owners are also obliged by law to collect any dog waste.

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