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Latest sanctions list revealed: No new Cypriot names so far

Newly released sanctions list raises questions as Cyprus remains absent; US list anticipated today

The UK announced a new sanctions list on Friday (19/05), which has been made public. However, as of now, there are no new Cypriot names included in the list.

These sanctions are related to 86 individuals and entities who have violated the restrictions imposed on Russia's access to the international financial system. It is anticipated that the United States will release a new list of sanctions today.

The list consists of individuals who were already subjected to sanctions on April 12.

You can view the list HERE.

Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis stated that the Cypriot government was informed about the contents of the new sanctions lists from the US and the UK last night.

When asked about the government's response to the new list, the Government Spokesman stated that they will request evidence supporting the inclusion of these individuals on the lists. This evidence will be forwarded to the Legal Service for investigation. If it is determined that there has been a violation of European sanctions, the individuals will be brought to justice.

Regarding the requests from service providers to replace the sanctioned individuals with others, Letymbiotis mentioned that close communication is ongoing between the President of the Republic, relevant ministries, and the Registrar of Companies. They hope to resolve the matter within the day and move forward.

It should be recalled that in April, the US and Britain imposed sanctions on individuals and legal entities in Cyprus. President Nicos Christodoulides assured that the government has been taking all necessary actions, in cooperation with supervisory bodies and the US and British authorities, to fully protect the reputation of the country.


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