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President acknowledges hiring mistakes: Promises reforms for transparency

Addressing errors in adviser appointments, President Christodoulides vows improved standards and accountability

President Nicos Christodoulides has acknowledged errors in the hiring process of advisers within the Presidency and ministries. Addressing the issue of hiring a consultant at the Deputy Ministry of Culture during his statements in Larnaca, the President stated that mistakes were made within the existing framework. He promptly met with the Auditor General to address the matter.

The President assured that a specific proposal, currently being developed in collaboration with the Auditor General, Law Commissioner, and Legal Service of the country, will be presented to the next Cabinet. The proposal aims to adhere to existing standards and potentially implement even more stringent guidelines for parliamentary assistants.

When questioned about personal mistakes, particularly regarding a newspaper report concerning the appointment of his maid of honor, the President emphasized the need to avoid personalization. He expressed that during his campaign, he followed a path that led to isolation, but certain individuals chose to support him wholeheartedly, even leaving their own jobs. The President credited their dedication and hard work for the achieved results. He urged critics to focus on him and spare others from scrutiny.

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