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Appointment of 19-year-old consultant in Tourism Ministry: How it happened and what it means

Deputy Minister defends decision and clarifies hiring process

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The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Costas Koumis, recently defended the appointment of a 19-year-old consultant. Koumis stated that nothing illegal had been done and that the hiring process was a common practice that has been used for many years. He clarified that every Minister or Deputy Minister has a budget available to them to purchase consultant or associate services.

Koumis explained that before he officially took office, he was approached by one of his predecessor's advisers who wished to remain in his post. He decided to continue their cooperation and still had a remaining balance that he preferred to wait to use. He then identified two gaps in his team, one relating to social media and the other to outdated procedures related to the licensing of tourist accommodation. He had initially thought of hiring an older consultant for the latter gap but instead chose the 19-year-old for the social media gap. Koumis stated that the 19-year-old was recommended by a trusted source and that he values having people he can trust around him.

Koumis noted that there was no age restriction or degree requirement for the role. He also clarified that there was no communication from the President's office regarding the appointment. The 19-year-old subsequently resigned from her position



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