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19-year-old advisor appointment sparks political outcry

Controversy and calls for revocation of appointment

The appointment of a 19-year-old student as an adviser to the Deputy Minister of Tourism has sparked political controversy. Both AKEL and DISY parties have released statements condemning the move. AKEL has called for the appointment to be revoked, while DISY has criticized the government's "inept handling, sloppiness, and ignorance of the laws", which they claim has exposed the young man.

The issue was initially reported by "Phileleftheros", stating that an office was set up on the 5th floor of the Ministry of Tourism for Kostas Koumis's adviser, who is a student. The contract offered was equivalent to the A8 scale.

In response to the controversy, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, stated that everything is being done within the framework of legality. He emphasized that he is aware of the Council of Ministers' decisions and that any criticism should be directed towards the government, rather than individuals. He also welcomed constructive criticism and urged people to focus on directing it towards the executive rather than personal attacks.

The President reaffirmed that the appointment was made in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, emphasizing that he is vigilant on all aspects of the matter.

The political reactions

AKEL: Calls for revocation of the appointment of the 19-year-old advisor

AKEL has reacted politically to the appointment of a 19-year-old advisor as an adviser to the Deputy Minister of Tourism. In a statement, AKEL called on the government to revoke the appointment, arguing that it poses a challenge to society as a whole. Furthermore, AKEL demanded that the government provide an explanation for what qualifications or experience the appointee possesses to justify their appointment to this position.

The full statement from AKEL reads:

The appointment of a 19-year-old student without a degree as an advisor-associate to the Deputy Minister of Tourism is a challenge to the entire society. The government must explain what qualifications or experience this person has to be appointed to this position.

While it is understandable that Ministers have the discretion to select people they trust for their associates, it does not mean they can ignore the intelligence and reasoning of the public. Furthermore, this decision violates the framework established by the Council of Ministers of the Anastasiades government, in which the current President of the Republic participated. This framework stipulates that advisers must be at least 21 years old and hold a university degree, which the appointed person lacks.

Given Nicos Christodoulides' current momentum, he is not only expected to continue in his day job, but he may even surpass his predecessor.

AKEL is calling on the government to revoke this appointment.

In a statement, DISY also criticized the government for exposing a young woman due to their inept handling, sloppiness, and ignorance of the laws and decisions of the Council of Ministers.

The statement in full:

"We truly regret to note that the government has exposed a young man through heavy-handedness, sloppiness, and ignorance of laws and Cabinet decisions. As we have already stated regarding the misplaced appointment to the Tourism Ministry, the government must exercise particular care."

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