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Limassol: A dead deer at the Zoo sparks outrage (video)

According to 'K' the animal party is preparing to demonstrate against conditions at the zoo

A small deer has died at the Limassol Zoo.

According to a Facebook complaint from the group "our garden," the unfortunate animal got its horns caught in a metal mesh, was unable to break free, and died.

According to "K," the animal party is preparing to respond with demonstrations.

The Limassol Municipality, however, expressed its deep regret over the death of the deer on December 9th which was housed in the Municipal Zoo, citing the possibility of an accident.

According to a Municipality announcement, the relevant investigations have begun in anticipation of the autopsy, which will be performed by the Veterinary Services, in order to make the cause of the animal's death clear beyond all doubt.

"Indications from the preliminary investigation of the tragic incident show that it was an accident, as it appears that the deer's antlers got caught in the enclosure of the living space and despite the fact that the protective mesh met all specifications," it added.

The statement continues, "in any case, if responsibilities arise for the incident that appears to have led to the deer's death, they will be identified".

The Municipality of Limassol also mentions that "because it listens to civil society's demand for radical changes in the zoo, it is studying and evaluating the zoo and is preparing to enter into a dialogue with citizens about its future."

Finally, it states that it prioritizes animal welfare "in all directions" and expresses regret for "any attempt to exploit this sad incident."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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