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Local politics suspected in Kilani bomb attack

Kilani community councilor arrested following bomb attack outside fellow member’s residence


A 42-year-old woman who sits on Limassol’s Kilani community council has been arrested, following a bomb explosion outside the residence of a fellow councilor.

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Some disagreements involved a number of complaints regarding irregularities and wrongdoing that reached the office of the auditor general

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the suspect is the secretary of Kilani community council and was arrested Saturday morning in connection with a bomb attack hours earlier, where a hand grenade was thrown outside the house of a 46-year-old woman who is a also a council member. Damages included three windows and the outer wall of the residence, while no injuries were reported. 

CID Limassol officials confirmed that the two women had professional differences connected to their work on the council, while sources said at least some of those disagreements involved a number of complaints regarding irregularities and wrongdoing that reached the office of the auditor general.

Police say the suspect denied any involvement during a line of questioning by investigators.

“She denies any involvement whatsoever and she has presented her own side of the story which is being investigated by police,” CID official Ioannis Soteriades said.

A number of irregularities throughout local and community boards have surfaced over the last few years in Cyprus, with multiple scandals making headline news and investigators still probing cases of wrongdoing.

Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos, a well known whistleblower who has come forward publicly prompting authorities to launch many investigations, was also a target of a car bomb attack last year.

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