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Local storms brewing over Cyprus

Chances of hailstorms Friday and Saturday, temperature highs low to mid 20’s


Isolated thunderstorms and possibly hail could be roaring across the island on Friday, as a low pressure system has moved into the area with temperatures fluctuating over the weekend.

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Friday morning skies will be cloudy according to weather officials, with high and mid-level clouds expected to bring local showers in many parts of the island.

While some reports have suggested weather conditions may influence the transmission of COVID-19, the effect is thought to be minimal

Local showers are expected to develop into isolated thunderstorms around noon and in the afternoon, with moderate chances of hail during severe storms.

Winds will remain moderate throughout the day while low levels of air pollution are expected to clear out in the evening, when increasing clouds and local showers are set to continue.

Temperature highs will reach 23 degrees Celsius in the interior, around 20 in the coastal regions, and 16 high up in the mountains, while lows will drop to 12 inland and along the coast, and 8 degrees in the mountains.

Similar patterns including chances of hailstorms are expected Saturday during the early part of the day while weather is expected to improve gradually in the late afternoon.

Partly cloudy skies are also expected on Sunday and Monday, while temperatures will fluctuate with a rise on Sunday and a slight drop on Monday.

Weather and the coronavirus pandemic

While some reports have suggested that weather conditions may influence the transmission of COVID-19, the effect is believed to be minimal.

Some studies have suggested weather conditions may influence the transmission of the novel coronavirus, with cold and dry conditions appearing to boost the spread by helping the stability of the virus.

Local experts in Cyprus have warned members of the public to continue to maintain social distancing measures and practice good hygiene, regardless of weather conditions, as COVID-19 remains highly contagious.

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