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Beaches might reopen for short swims soon

When they do, avoid sunbeds, Virology Professor Petros Karayiannis said


As we painfully witness summer edging nearer from the confines of our homes or shelters, we just might be allowed to go to the beach for a swim soon, but not for gatherings, Virology Professor Petros Karayiannis said Tuesday.

Speaking on a radio programme, Karayiannis, who is also a member of the government coronavirus advisory committee, said he will be recommending that the public is allowed to go to the beach for a swim as part of the gradual easing of restriction measures, just as people are allowed to go for a jog.

Once beaches reopen to the public for short swims, Karayiannis said that going to the beach will be safe if protection measures are taken and distances are kept.

While swimming is safe, given that even if seawater containing coronavirus is swallowed it will go directly to the stomach where it will be eviscerated by acids, sunbeds still pose considerable danger and will need to be disinfected after each user.

“As such, it would be preferable that the public doesn’t use sunbeds and opts instead to lay on the sand with a towel,” Karayiannis noted.

Karayiannis said that high summer temperatures act as a deterrent for coronavirus, on the one hand because the public will opt for open spaces and on the other hand because droplets carrying the virus in the air will dry out faster and will remain on surfaces for shorter periods of time.

On Monday, police reported five swimmers in Limassol, while another person was caught driving a jet ski. 

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