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Major progress in Cyprus as buses gear up for safety boost

Friday arrival of life-saving tech for bus fleet


Transport Minister Alexis Vafeafis shared optimistic updates on the installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems on buses during a recent interview on state radio.

He mentioned that, based on information from the companies involved, a significant number of these systems are expected to reach Cyprus by Friday afternoon (08/12).

Vafeafis conveyed that once the installations occur, companies will promptly inform the public about the specific routes benefiting from this safety enhancement.

Expressing hope for a resolution by Monday, he added, "If not on Monday, then by Wednesday, I believe that all issues will be settled," emphasizing the commitment of the installation crews to work through the weekend.

Regarding the buses' fitness certification, Vafeafis clarified that licensed technicians from the companies will conduct the initial assessment, followed by a supervisory inspection by the Road Transport Department.

He assured the public that the existing fleet on the roads comprises brand new buses in excellent condition.

In reference to the ministry's contract with the companies, Vafeafis mentioned the appointment of an investigating officer, emphasizing his belief that the companies are obligated to install automatic fire extinguishing systems.

The minister anticipates a thorough resolution to the matter in the coming days.

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