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Cyprus navy to be upgraded, says National Guard Chief

Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostas highlights enhancements in anti-ship capabilities and naval base expansion efforts

Source: CNA

The Navy is implementing a far-reaching modernization program, having among other things enhanced its anti-ship capabilities, while planning continues for the completion and gradual expansion of the Naval Base’s capabilities to serve warships, the Chief of the General Staff of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostas, said on Wednesday.

In his address at the ceremony celebrating St. Nicholas, patron saint of the Navy, held at the Naval Base "Evangelos Florakis" in Mari, the Chief of the National Guard said that today "we pay tribute and gratitude to the Navy personnel who gave their lives in the struggle to defend the freedom and territorial integrity of our country".

He added that "this day is dedicated first and foremost to the women and men of the Navy, showing appreciation for the work they perform" and called on all with faith in St. Nicholas, the vigilant navigator, to continue working hard "to improve the readiness of the naval forces, on the one hand, to enhance coastal security and sovereignty in the maritime zones under the responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus and on the other hand to ensure freedom of navigation in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region".

According to the National Guard Chief, "The Navy has been implementing a far-reaching modernisation programme in recent years, in the framework of which so far our anti-ship capabilities have been enhanced, our Coastal Surveillance System has been expanded, new search and rescue vessels and other related equipment have been acquired, and more are on the way. At the same time, as part of the overall upgrade of the Republic of Cyprus' strategic infrastructure, planning continues for the completion and gradual expansion of the capabilities of our Naval Base, in terms of servicing warships," he added.

In addition, he continued, "The Navy personnel, living up to our expectations, organizes and participates in a large number of multinational exercises, as well as co-training in areas of mutual interest, in the context of hosting friendly naval forces deployed in the region due to the preventive measures taken as a result of the conflicts in our region".

In the field of humanitarian missions and search and rescue operations, he noted, "The Navy is always ready to act wherever and whenever required within our area of responsibility, in cooperation with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, to assist ships and rescue people in distress, while contributing to the consolidation of the important role of the Republic of Cyprus as a pillar of security and stability in the wider Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region".

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