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Man accused of sexually molesting stepdaughter

A 17-year-old girl says stepdad committed sexual assault against her many times while mom was out


A man from Limassol accused of sexually molesting his 17-year-old stepdaughter is in remanded custody until his criminal trial in March.

The 38-year-old stepdad of the teenage girl was arrested earlier this week on charges of sexual misconduct, following a police complaint filed by his stepdaughter.

The teen, who recently walked into the police station with her mother, said the suspect had been sexually abusing her on multiple occasions from 2015 through 2018 while her mother was at work.

According to the complaint, the suspect committed indecent and abhorrent acts against his teen stepdaughter

According to the complaint, the suspect committed indecent and abhorrent acts against his stepdaughter. Specifically, he is being accused of making obscene and vulgar gestures and physically touching the teenage girl inappropriately in various parts of her body.

Police told Knews they would not comment on the nationality of the suspect or the victim, saying this is a case of domestic violence.

According to local media, the teen told her mother what she was going through with the suspect. Then the mother initially contacted a private psychologist, with her daughter finally making the decision to go to the police.

When the suspect was initially questioned by cops, he denied any wrongdoing and gave his own version of events. He was placed under arrest and on Tuesday he was remanded in custody. 

A Limassol District Court judge ordered the suspect to remain behind bars until his criminal trial, which has been scheduled to begin on March 18.

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