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Man bleeds to death after late night brawl

African male found dead at Nicosia bus terminal after bar fight, one of three suspects admits chasing him down


Three men from Africa have been arrested after a man from Cameroon was found dead Sunday early morning at the bus terminal downtown Nicosia.

According to media reports, a fight broke out after midnight Saturday at a local bar near the Ohi Roundabout, with a 28-year-old male from Cameroon fleeing the scene as others went after him. Police were later notified, around 3am, after the man was spotted unconscious in a pool of blood in Solomou Square.

Police said they arrested three males aged 36, 30, and 28 in connection with the incident, on suspicion of murder. Sources told Knews the three suspects are from Nigeria, while police are analyzing possible security camera footage of the incident or parts of the incident to determine the circumstances of the fight.

One of the suspects reportedly admitted to police he chased the victim and injured him with a broken beer bottle

Some media reports said the victim was in a bar when there was an altercation with other patrons. Details in the case included the man from Cameroon allegedly hitting someone with a wooden object, possibly a wooden bat, starting a fight which was then taken outside. The three suspects were allegedly involved in striking back and chasing him.

One of the suspects, said to have been identified in security camera footage, reportedly admitted to police he used a broken beer bottle, causing multiple wounds onto the victim’s hands and shoulder.

The victim managed to escape the fight and ran away, leaving drops of blood on the way until he is believed to have collapsed at the bus terminal. Preliminary indications pointed to bleeding as the cause of death.

Unconfirmed reports also suggested crime investigators may have information that illegal drugs were associated with the incident.

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