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Man in trunk tries to cross checkpoint illegally

Police at Agios Dhometios checkpoint arrest driver and man hiding in the boot during car inspection


Two men have been arrested at the Agios Dhometios checkpoint when officials discovered one of them hiding in the boot of a car in an attempt to cross into the south illegally.

According to police, a 56-year-old who resides in Nicosia tried to cross from the north into the south around 10:10pm Monday night while another man was hiding in the trunk.

Sources told Knews at least one of the men was of Syrian origin while both are believed to hold foreign passports. 

The man in the trunk, described as a 47-year-old foreign national, was discovered by a customs official of the Republic of Cyprus during an inspection.

It was not immediately clear if authorities were acting on a tip or whether the driver raised suspicions.

Both men were placed into custody and could face conspiracy charges. The driver could also face aiding and abetting charges while the foreign national could also be charged with illegal entry.

Agios Dhometios police are investigating the incident.

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