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Many countries stepping up as death toll continues to rise

Along with the EU, countries around the world are rushing to dispatch aid to both Turkey and Syria

The EU has mobilized 27 search and rescue teams from 19 European countries, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management stated in a tweet on Tuesday.

The EU aid towards Turkey is sent via the Civil Protection Mechanism of the EU, to help with the earthquake.

The teams are consisting of over 1,150 rescuers and 70 rescue dogs.

The countries sending help are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Malta, Portugal, Montenegro and Albania.

Lenarčič thanked the countries participating, noting that it is "EU Solidarity at its best!"


Meanwhile, dozens of countries around the world have rushed to dispatch aid to Turkey and Syria.

Here is a look at the international aid promised so far.


The UK is sending 76 search-and-rescue specialists with equipment and dogs, as well as an emergency medical team, to Turkey.

The UK also says it is in contact with the UN about getting support to victims in Syria.


The US is sending two 79-person search-and-rescue teams to assist Turkish officials, according to the White House.

Meanwhile, nearly 100 Los Angeles County firefighters and structural engineers, along with six specially trained dogs, will be sent to Turkey.


Italy's Civil Protection Agency has offered assistance to Turkey and a firefighting team was preparing to leave from Pisa.

The Italian military has said transport flights will carry equipment as well as health and other personnel.


Rescue teams will be dispatched to Turkey from France.


Spain will send two urban search and rescue teams to Turkey with 85 personnel and a contingent of volunteer firefighters.

The EU

The European Union has mobilized search and rescue teams to help Turkey, while the Copernicus satellite system has been activated to provide emergency mapping services.

At least 13 member countries have offered assistance. The EU said it is also ready to offer help to Syria through its humanitarian assistance programs.


Russian rescue teams from the emergency ministry are preparing to fly to Syria.

Russian military deployed in the country has already sent 10 units comprising 300 people to help clear debris and search for survivors.

The Russian military has set up points to distribute humanitarian assistance.

Turkey has also accepted an offer of support from Russia.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he has approved a request for humanitarian aid for Syria, received through a diplomatic official.

Israel and Syria do not have diplomatic relations and the two countries have fought several wars.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army is sending a search and rescue team of 150 engineers, medical personnel and other aid workers to render lifesaving aid in Turkey.


Germany is preparing deliveries of emergency generators, tents and blankets. It is also prepared to set up camps with water treatment equipment.

Germany has offered to send teams from the THW civil protection agency to Turkey. The group International Search and Rescue Germany was preparing to fly dozens of doctors and rescue experts to Turkey late on Monday.


Austria has offered to send 84 soldiers from a military disaster relief unit to Turkey.


Poland is sending Turkey 76 firefighters and eight-trained dogs with equipment.


Greece is sending Turkey a team of 21 rescuers, two rescue dogs and a special rescue vehicle, together with a structural engineer, five doctors and seismic planning experts in a military transport plane.

Romania is sending specialized personnel and material to Turkey on two military aircraft.


Croatia is sending 40 personnel and 10 dogs, rescue equipment and vans to Turkey.


Japan is sending a group of about 75 rescue workers to Turkey.

South Korea

South Korea will dispatch a 60-person search and rescue team and send medical supplies to Turkey.

The government also says it is providing an initial $5m (£4.1m) in humanitarian support, and the Gyeonggi provincial government plans to provide $1m (£800,000) in humanitarian assistance.


Pakistan has sent one flight of relief supplies and another carrying a 50-member search and rescue team. The government says daily aid flights to Syria and Turkey will start on Wednesday.


India is sending 100 search and rescue personnel from its Natural Disaster Response Force to Turkey, as well as specially-trained dog squads and equipment for relief efforts.

Medical teams with trained doctors, paramedics and essential medicines are also ready, the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.


Swiss rescue dog service REDOG is sending 22 rescuers with 14 dogs to Turkey. The government said it would also send 80 search and rescue specialists to the country, including army disaster experts.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is sending Turkey a team of 68 rescuers, including firefighters, doctors, structural engineers and experts with sniffer dogs.


Serbia is sending 21 rescuers and three liaison officers to Turkey.


Montenegro is sending at least 24 firefighters to Turkey.


Moldova's president says 55 rescue workers have been sent to Turkey.


Lebanon's cash-strapped government is sending soldiers, Red Cross and Civil Defense first responders and firefighters to Turkey to help with its rescue efforts.


Jordan is sending emergency aid to Syria and Turkey on the orders of King Abdullah II.


An Iranian plane has delivered aid to Damascus airport following the earthquake.


Iraq's security forces have been delivering emergency aid to Syria.


Egypt has pledged urgent humanitarian aid to Turkey.


Mexico's foreign affairs secretary said the country will send equipment and rescue specialists to Turkey.

New Zealand

New Zealand is providing $632,000 (£527,000) to the Turkish Red Crescent and $316,000 (£263,000) to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to deliver items such as food, tents and blankets, as well as provide medical assistance and psychological support.


China's Red Cross Society is providing the Turkish Red Crescent and the Syrian Red Crescent with $200,000 (£166,600) each in humanitarian assistance.

[With information from CNA and Sky News]


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