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Men on ship electrocuted to death in the north

Two foreign nationals in the north die on ship after receiving powerful electric current


Two foreign workers were electrocuted to death on Wednesday while carrying out cleaning work on an anchored ship outside Famagusta port in the north.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, a 23-year-old Egyptian male and a Syrian man, aged 26, were cleaning the deck of a cargo ship, the Anakin, which was anchored outside the Famagusta harbor.

In the afternoon, around 2pm, the two men were using water to clean the deck when suddenly they received a “very powerful electrical current” according to local media.

The two men were reportedly using water to clean the deck when suddenly they received a 'very powerful electrical current'

The two men, who were in very bad shape due to electrocution, were immediately rushed by boat to land where emergency medics attempted to revive them but to no avail.

No specific details were made known as to the nature of the victims’ chores using water or whether the men were working near electrical boxes or exposed wiring.

The saltwater environment on ships is known to corrode metal rapidly, with moisture seeping in sealed areas that become cracked or brittle.

It was not clear whether the ship was in good condition or whether precautions had been taken prior to the two men carrying out cleaning work.

Officials are reportedly investigating the incident.

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