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Missing kids behind daycare bite incident

Unattended children wandering the streets behind finger biting incident at a Limassol daycare


Reports of a practicum student biting off a daycare owner husband’s finger in Limassol became clearer this week after police said they were investigating three cases, including the disappearance of two unattended children found wandering around town.

Local media this week said the parents of a young boy went to pick up their son last week from a daycare centre in Yermasoyia, when the mother realized he was nowhere to be found.

Reports said the mother of the young boy waited until all children were picked up but began to worry when her son did not appear. She told media that she had asked to speak with the director but was told she was out of town.

“We looked everywhere, behind fences and hills around the kindergarten. We kept looking around even in the basement,” she told a local TV news channel.

No details were initially provided but it was later established that the trainee bit off the man's finger over the disappearance incident

The mother also said she was urged not to call the police, while they managed to get information from another boy who saw his sister playing with their son.

Officers who rushed to the daycare centre for another incident were notified by Yermasoyia station that a woman had spotted the two children out in the streets, according to reports.

“Our child was crying and he was drenched in sweat,” the mother said, adding that he had fever due to sunstroke.

A heatstroke or sunstroke in very hot weather can cause confusion, coma, or shock, while experts say about half of the youngsters in this condition may also sweat profusely.

Kids went to hide after water incident

It turned out that the two kids at the daycare centre went to hide after they knocked some items to the floor in their effort to have a drink of water.

Police said they were looking into a case of inadequate child supervision at the daycare facility, but it was not clarified whether a university student was being accused in connection with the disappearance that took place before her arrest for biting off a man’s finger.

Last week, a young daycare teacher who was performing a practicum study at the facility was briefly detained following an incident when she reportedly bit off the owner husband’s finger.

Parents of missing boy witnessed assault

No details were initially released over the incident but local media established on Wednesday that the female trainee bit the man's finger off over the disappearance incident, with the parents of the missing boy reportedly witnessing the assault.

Reports said police were already investigating the events surrounding the assault on the 56-year-old man, who had his ring finger’s proximal phalange partially severed after asking the teacher-in-training to leave the premises.

But police later confirmed they were also investigating offences concerning lack or inadequate supervision of small children.

Knews reported last week that the female teacher, who was released after a brief detention, was expected to be formally charged with aggravated assault at a later stage.

Police have not said whether she was facing additional charges.

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