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More flamingos in near-death condition, Animal Party says

The Interior Ministry has been called to take drastic measures to protect the migratory birds


The Animal Party called on Interior Minister Nicos Nouris to take action for the protection of the Larnaca Salt Lake flamingos which continue to be at risk, expressing strong concern over a statement made by the Director of the Game and Fauna service who seems to have said “so what if some out of so many thousands die?”

Cyprus was rattled last week when shocking images of dead flamingos at Aliki salt lake in Larnaca went viral, with news coming in shortly after that some 20 flamingos had died possibly due to poisoning from lead, believed to have originated from a nearby abandoned shooting range.

Despite attempts by officials to play down the incident, the Animal Party raised the alarm once again on Tuesday, when it stressed that more flamingos have been spotted in a near-dead condition, “isolated on the edges of the Salt Lake away from their group and unable to move or fly.”

The Animal Party raised the alarm once again, stressing that more flamingos have been spotted in a near-dead condition

The Animal Party called for drastic measures to be taken to protect the surviving flamingo population which made the Larnaca lake a temporary home for the winter.

It also asked for exact figures of dead flamingos and an evaluation of the condition of those showing clear signs of distress, and inquired into the form of medical care that is being received by the birds.

“We say that every life is valuable and as such, must be treated with respect,” the Animal Party said, adding that it will continue to defend animals’ right to life and justice.

Last week, Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras, who wrote a post on Facebook about the incident, said he had been told by officials that the area had been cleaned up after a nearby shooting range was shut down.

But Vyras also pointed out that flamingos “die every year of the same exact reason” and added his municipality would examine whether additional cleanup might be necessary.

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