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More refugees arrive in Cyprus across the divide

Two more boatloads reach Cyprus from Syria with authorities scrambling on both sides


Two boats with Syrian refugees reached Cypriot shores separately on Tuesday, with one ending up in the north and the other apprehended by Republic of Cyprus authorities in the south.

According to local reports, a small speedboat carrying 18 migrants and presumptive asylum seekers approached Agia Thekla beach in Sotira, with cleaning staff spotting the individuals and calling police.

Civil defence officials, along with migration and police officers, arrived at the scene while an ambuilance was also dispatched to the area.

The people on board included eleven men, four women, and three young children who told authorities they began their journey the night before somewhere along the border between Lebanon and Syria.

In the meantime, another boatload of Syrian refugees was picked up by radar in the north, with Turkish Cypriot coast guard officials spotting 14 people in a vessel off Apostolos Andreas peninsula at the northeastern tip of the island.

The boat was towed in Famagusta port while officials said the people on board were in good health following a medical examination.

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