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Murder-suicide in Rhodes

The couple were recently divorced

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

A 40-year old man who killed a 32-year-old woman in Rhodes was found dead in his home after committing suicide with the same weapon he used to kill the her.  According to information, they had recently divorced.

The woman, a teacher, was killed early Wednesday afternoon in the Rodini district, in the city of Rhodes, when she was shot while trying to get into her car, which was parked on Moscow Street.

According to information published by the local media "I Rodiaki", the woman came under fire twice. Rhodes police officers rushed to the scene and collected two shell casings from a shotgun.

Residents of the area who spoke to Rodiaki pointed out that the victim was living on a parallel street and that today she had parked her car on Moscow Street.

The same sources stated that a car was waiting a few meters away from hers and when she approached it she was shot by the gunman while trying to get into the car.

A few minutes later, police authorities and EKAB received a call from residents who heard gunshots coming from a house located near the settlement of Theotokos.

According to police, upon arriving at the house they found a man dead from a gunshot wound which was self-inflicted.  He was the perpetrator of the murder.



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