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Mysterious blast rocks Aradippou industrial zone

Investigations underway as three injured individuals recover


Police investigations are ongoing in the industrial area of Aradippou as authorities work to identify the object responsible for the explosion at a metal recycling plant, which resulted in injuries to three individuals.

According to available information, a 68-year-old Greek Cypriot man had traveled to the area in question with various items intended for recycling. Under circumstances that remain unknown, an object detonated, causing injuries to three people. ANT1 has reported that there are strong indications that among the recyclable materials carried by the 68-year-old were military munitions. Further investigations are underway to determine whether the 68-year-old obtained these materials from a firing range in the vicinity.

Law enforcement personnel, pyrotechnicians, and officials from the Labor Inspection Department swiftly arrived at the scene for examinations, while the injured were transported to Larnaca General Hospital.

According to the police, all three injured individuals are now in stable condition, with the 68-year-old man sustaining the most severe injuries.


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