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New cat feeders enhance stray welfare in Strovolos

Contributions from feeders aid in sterilization efforts in parks

Ioanna Kyriakou

Modern feeders for stray kittens found shelter along the Pedieos River have been installed in Linear Park Strovolos. Specifically, each animal lover can drop one euro into the so-called "CatsCoinBar" device and provide dry food to the stray cats of Linear Park, thus contributing to the animal welfare program of the Municipality of Strovolos. The devices also have a water container, operate on a photovoltaic system, and feature a smart counter, while the Municipality has implemented a security system to ensure there will be no malicious acts. According to Strovolos Municipality, this initiative is a collaboration with the Creative Universe organization, which personally approached the Mayor, Andreas Papacharalambous.

The non-profit organization Creative Universe has provided the feeders to the Municipality for use, with the aim of collecting contributions from the Municipality and using them to supply food and cover the costs of sterilizing stray cats in Municipal Parks and public spaces. The purpose is also to assist volunteers who independently feed and care for stray cats in these areas. The Municipality already has a sterilization program with a budget of €12,000, approved by the Municipal Council, for sterilizing cats living in municipal parks. According to the Municipality, high-quality food will be placed in the feeders, which will be supplied by Hill's, a company that has offered an attractive package deal. This will enable the Municipality to meet the nutritional needs of the strays and have a small surplus to invest in sterilization and the animals' health.

During the pilot phase, two feeders have been installed, one near Eleonon Avenue and another near Strovolos Municipal Hall within Linear Park. These specific locations are home to two large cat colonies, which, as the Municipality states, are cared for by different volunteer groups, individuals with great dedication to animals who invest their time, money, and love in our stray Strovolos kittens. Furthermore, hygiene is ensured in these areas, as the Municipality designates feeding spots for the cats, which the volunteers clean regularly and maintain. The installation of additional feeders is under consideration depending on the success of the pilot phase.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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