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New details emerge in Limassol murder

Police try to solve the murder of a Limassol father of two, known to authorities for being involved with drugs


Police are learning more details but also having more questions about the final hours of a Limassol man, who was gunned down while in his vehicle during a suspected drugland hit.

The 44-year-old Greek Cypriot victim, Christos Michail from Dora, was shot dead inside his vehicle while the exact time of the incident was not conclusive.

According to earlier reports, witnesses heard gunshots Sunday overnight while another man, who saw the vehicle in the morning, did not realize there was a man inside until later that afternoon.

Police spokesperson Andreas Angelides said authorities were notified around 3pm on Monday, with the message saying there was a car in a field with a man behind the steering the wheel.

Law enforcement officials are looking into the possibility that the victim was shot dead while sitting in the driver’s seat, without ruling out other scenarios. Pieces of automotive equipment, which were found in the area, are being examined as police try to ascertain how the victim’s Mercedes ended up in the field.

Latest reports say police believe the victim had an arranged meeting with his killer or killers, and he was shot in cold blood

Latest reports say police believe the victim had an arranged meeting with his killer or killers, and he was shot in cold blood.

Police also believe the victim’s car had signs of damage and dents that are consistent with the theory that he could have been chased and shot while still driving.

Two forensic pathologists, Angeliki Papeta and Nicolas Charalambous, determined that Michail had three gunshot wounds, two in the chest and one in the neck.

Footage from security cameras in the area is expected to shed light on the case, while police are seeking statements from family and friends of the victim.

Michail, a father of two, had been arrested back in January 2017 on drug charges, after cops found in his possession 11 nylon bags each with 5.5 grams of cocaine. The official post mortem was set to take place at 11am on Tuesday. 

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