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New evidence points to speeding in quadruple fatality case

44-year-old driver faces additional charges as police confirm speeding allegations


In the aftermath of the tragic quadruple fatality on the Limassol-Platra road, new evidence suggests that the 44-year-old driver of the double-cab vehicle was exceeding the speed limit at the time of the accident.

Police Force spokesman Christos Andreou confirmed that the driver was traveling at approximately 100 km/h, surpassing the legal speed limit. This revelation adds a new charge to the existing indictment against the 44-year-old, accusing him of driving at an increased speed capable of causing damage or bodily harm.

Scheduled to appear before the Limassol Criminal Court on February 22, the driver already faces charges of manslaughter, causing death by reckless or dangerous acts, and violating a traffic signal.

The fatal collision occurred at a light-controlled intersection near Polemidia, resulting in the tragic deaths of 27-year-old Evanthia Georgiou, her 17-year-old brother Nicholas Georgiou, and their grandparents, Nicholas Zavrou (72) and Evanthia Georgiou (74).

Autopsy findings revealed that the cause of 17-year-old Nikola Georgiou's death was a dissection of the thoracic aorta. The other three victims succumbed to their injuries caused by multiple traumas.

The investigation continues, with the upcoming court appearance expected to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident.

Source: 24news


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