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New York Times: Russian troops lead Ukrainians to execution (video)

Footage shows Ukrainians being rounded up in Bucha, a suburb of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

A video published by The New York Times shows how Russian paratroopers rounded up and executed at least eight Ukrainian men in Bucha, a suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, on March 4.

According to testimonies cited by the American newspaper, Russian soldiers executed at least eight Ukrainians in Bucha, a likely war-crime.

The video, according to the New York Times, was recorded on March 4 and is evidence that the men were being held by Russian troops just minutes before they were executed.

At the end of the video, recorded by a security camera, soldiers transported the men - one wearing a blue jacket - to a space that had been turned into an improvised base.  According to testimonies cited by NYT, shots were heard after which there were no signs of the prisoners.

A video from a drone shot a day later, on March 5, which is also in the possession of the New York Times, is the first visual evidence to confirm eyewitness testimonies, recording bodies on the ground next to a building at 144 Jablunska Street with Russian soldiers standing guard next to them. Among the victims, according to NYT, is a man in a similar blue jacket.

After weeks of interviewing witnesses, medical examiners, police and the military, NYT reporters were able to collect unpublished videos from the day of the execution and, after searching social media for missing persons, identified the executed civilians.

With information from the New York Times

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