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Local businessman shot in rural Nicosia

Unknown shooter pulled trigger when businessman's car was at a stop sign in rural Nicosia


A Nicosia businessman was rushed to the Emergency Room on Monday after he was shot on a rural road outside the capital.

Local reports said a Nicosia-based business man, who is known to local law enforcement authorities, was shot near Klirou, Nicosia district, on Monday morning.

Initial reports said Vasos "Billy" Andreou was driving his vehicle along the Klirou-Kalo Chorio road when he was flagged down by a pedestrian. When the driver pulled over, a shooter fired shots injuring the businessman according to unconfirmed reports.

A differnet account was also presented later by other media outlets, saying Billy was in his vehicle at a stop sign when the shooting occured. He then drove away and managed to find refuge inside a business establishment some 500 metres away.

Andreou was rushed to the Emergency Room in Nicosia, while his condition was unknown.

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