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'No additional measures at this stage'

According to the Minister of Health and the Scientific Advisory Committee


The scheduled meeting between the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandelas, ended shortly after 16:00 on Tuesday (January 11th) this afternoon.

At the meeting, epidemiologists and the Minister of Health evaluated the data from last week, both from the Ministry of Health as well as from the Tracking Unit trying to create a solid picture of the epidemiological load. Having announced in advance their intention to avoid tougher measures, the two sides seem to have agreed that there is no need for additional measures at this stage.

Despite the increase in hospitalizations, the data shows a partial decrease in the positivity rate and daily confirmed cases.  This shows that we have now passed the peak of the outbreak and a slow but gradual decline in epidemiological indicators is expected.

Schools and hospitals were at the center of their discussions along with the recommended use of the TestToStay system. As far as schools are concerned, a suggestion was tabled that students who are confirmed case contacts will not need to be quarantined but will be able to go back to school normally after taking daily tests.

Moreover, there was a suggestion that rapid tests should be carried out on all visitors to nursing homes, while measures imposed at stadiums during football matches should be strictly enforced.  All other measures announced last week are still in force.

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