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Greece: Deadline set to expire for unvaccinated over 60

100 euros per month to be imposed as of next week

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

An administrative fine of 100 euros per month will be imposed as of next week on citizens over 60 who do not get vaccinated by Sunday, according to Health Minister Thanos Plevris.

Speaking to Skai TV, he clarified that the only exceptions are citizens who have applied for an exemption for medical reasons and their request has either been accepted or has not yet been examined.

Those who have applied for home vaccinations will not face fines either. However, as General Secretary of Primary Healthcare Marios Themistokleous noted, it is extremely rare to have a health reason for non-vaccination. “Even if someone has a contraindication to one type of vaccine, they can be vaccinated with the other type of vaccine,” he stressed.

Since the vaccine mandate was announced, more than 180,000 appointments for first shots had been made up until Tuesday by people over 60. Many of these involve home vaccinations. Indicatively, two days before the compulsory vaccination announcement was made, applications for home vaccinations stood at 23,865, compared to 76,900 that had been submitted up until Tuesday.

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