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North scrambles to contain bug at entry points

All passengers in the north to stay in quarantine hotels until local test results are known


Turkish Cypriot authorities went into high gear on Wednesday following reports that one passenger tested positive and another traveler, who failed to self-isolate, went from the airport straight to a barbershop.

One person in the north tested positive for the coronavirus this week, after nearly three months of zero cases, with reports saying the case was imported from Turkey by sea.

The individual traveler was taken to Burhan Nalbantoglu public hospital in Nicosia where he was admitted into a quarantine unit. Turkish Cypriots health officials were alerted to the incident and began contact tracing for close contacts who are expected to be transported to a quarantine hotel.

Upon entering the barbershop, employees became suspicious over the man who was still holding his suitcases and refused service, asking him to leave the premises

According to local media, Ali Pilli who oversees health matters in the north, announced that from now on all passengers arriving by air or sea, or land through the south, would be placed in quarantine hotels and monitored by authorities until results from PCR tests done locally are made known.

The statement came after reports said both officials and members of the public were alarmed upon hearing that another traveler, who had flown to the north also from Turkey, took a taxi to a barber shop straight from Ercan airport.

Upon entering the barbershop, employees refused service and asked the individual to leave after becoming suspicious over the fact that he was still holding his suitcases.

The traveler had claimed that he had tested negative but the manager of the shop insisted that he leave the premises. Reports said the traveler had been told to self-isolate until a second test could be carried out locally.

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