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Man charged with sexual exploitation of minors

Young male under legal age tricked into sending nudes to man behind woman’s profile


A man who used a fake woman’s profile on social media has been arrested on charges related to child porn and sexual exploitation of minors.

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According to local media, a 28-year-old male suspect was detained following a complaint filed by a young male who was reportedly under the legal age.

The accuser told police that the suspect had acquired photos and at least one video in which the young male appeared naked. Police also learned that the young male thought he was exchanging files with a female, while it turned out that the suspect had been using a fake profile under a woman’s name.

Police detained and questioned the suspect, who admitted to investigators that he had committed the offences and additionally he had acted similarly in four other cases also involving minors.

During a home search, police confiscated two mobile phones and a memory card, which were being sent for forensic tests.

The cyber crime unit is involved in the case, while the suspect is facing charges of sexual exploitation of minors, access to and possession of child pornography, and computer fraud.

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