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Online road tax renewals go live

Payments for motor vehicle registration renewals can be paid without late fees through March 11


The website for road tax renewal payments went live on Monday, with vehicle owners having until early March to pay for either three, six, nine, or twelve months.

According to the Road Transport Department, road tax renewals can be paid online, through a commercial bank, at a Citizen Services Centre, district post offices as well as government road transport offices.

Early registration period

The deadline for road tax renewals without late fees is 11 March 2019, while the periods for vehicle registration at any given transaction can be three, six, or nine months, or for a whole year.

Late registration period

Payments received after Monday, 11 March 2019, will be assessed a late administrative fee, which will be calculated by adding €10 to 10% of the corresponding payable amount for the current year.

Motor vehicle registration inspections will begin promptly on Tuesday, 12 March 2019, with traffic police and Road Transport officials on the lookout to report vehicles on the road without proper road tax.

Owners who will not use their vehicles are asked to submit a special declaration form for inoperable vehicles to avoid road tax charges

Applicants must have a valid and current roadworthiness certificate (MOT) along with proof of minimum insurance coverage required by law.

Owners in Cyprus who do not wish to use their vehicles are asked to submit a special declaration form for inoperable vehicles to avoid having to pay road tax.

Vehicles which have been officially totaled must also be declared at Road Transport offices, Citizen Service Centres, or post office district offices. Owners do not have to pay road tax beyond the official date of their vehicle listed as totaled by a government official.

Despite deadlines and registration periods, road tax renewals can be paid any time during the year and 24 hours a day, every day, online.

The government has also said there would be no notices sent out to remind owners to renew their vehicle registrations.

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