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Online support surges for Nubz, the ''shoe-wearing'' chicken

Disabled chicken rocks social media with over 60 shoes


In the picturesque town of Escondido, California, a captivating saga unfolds as a disabled Malaysian Serama chicken named Nubz finds his place in the hearts of the online community, all thanks to the compassion of dog walker Meech Davignon.

As reported by Good News Network, Nubz's journey began in adversity, losing his toes to the relentless leg scale mites, a condition handled with meticulous care by his newfound owner. Davignon's daily ritual of suffocating the mites using vaseline and cotton wool showcased her unwavering commitment to nursing Nubz back to health, earning him the endearing moniker "Nubz" in acknowledgment of his resilient spirit.

Amidst a bustling household of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and 11 other chickens, Nubz emerged as the charismatic leader, despite his distinctive hobble. Recognizing his difficulty on hard surfaces, Davignon ingeniously repurposed a pair of tiny dog slippers, transforming them into mobility aids that became an integral part of Nubz's life.

The heartwarming narrative took an unexpected turn when Davignon commemorated their one-year companionship with a TikTok account, sharing endearing videos of Nubz confidently striding in his miniature footwear. The response was overwhelming, with viewers expressing their affection and a desire to contribute to Nubz's unique collection of shoes.

The arrival of packages, each containing a variety of footwear ranging from Sunday shoes to dinosaur claw boots, marked a turning point in Nubz's story. Davignon, now a custodian of over 60 pairs, meticulously documents Nubz's stylish ventures on TikTok, with his charming antics captivating a growing audience.

Despite this newfound fame, Nubz faced a health challenge—a pair of degenerative disks in his neck. In an unconventional yet effective approach, Davignon turned to avian acupuncture, leveraging the collective expertise of her TikTok followers. Currently, Nubz gracefully maneuvers in a tiny wheelchair, a symbol of resilience and community support.

As this feathered fashion icon undergoes physical rehab, guided by the optimism of Davignon and the unwavering support of online well-wishers, Nubz's story stands as a testament to the extraordinary bond that can form between humans and their cherished animal companions.

[With information sourced from Good News Network]

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