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Parents take anger over closed schools to Presidential Palace

Parents of middle school and Limassol primary school students are demanding that schools reopen as soon as possible


Parents of middle school and Limassol primary school students took their frustration over schools remaining closed to the street outside the Presidential Palace on Monday.

Parents of middle school students have over the past few days been mounting pressure on the government to allow their kids to return to classrooms by April 2 at the latest, but their demand is to put an end to online learning as soon as possible.

Their frustration found allies in parents of students of Limassol primary schools which also remain closed. The head of the pancyprian confederation of primary education parents Sotiris Christofi told Kathimerini Cyprus that parents are indignant, while the jobs of some are under threat since as long as schools are closed they are forced to stay home. Another case saw a parent having to leave his child at home in order to work, leading to a neighbour filing a complaint.

Limassol parents are also pointing to the irony of schools remaining closed while students continue to gather in other spaces such as cafeterias which are now accepting customers.

To address the matter, the government’s health advisory committee scheduled an emergence meeting for Monday night ahead of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday which is also expected to discuss a potential reopening of educational levels still working via distance learning.

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