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Pedestrians trampled by vehicles in two separate Paphos accidents

Paphos police are looking into two separate incidents involving pedestrians being run over by oncoming vehicles


Paphos traffic police said Friday that they are looking into two traffic accidents that involved pedestrians being trampled by oncoming vehicles.

According to the police, the first accident involved a 69-year-old Chinese national permanently residing in Paphos, who was hit by an oncoming car while attempting to cross the Paphos-Coral Bay road. The vehicle was driven by a 38-year-old local man .

The 69-year-old was transferred to the Paphos general hospital A&E department, before being admitted for treatment at the hospital’s ICU. Doctors described his condition as serious but out of danger.

The second traffic accident took place at Poseidonos Avenue in Paphos, with a car belonging to a hotel unit reversing and knocking over an employee of the hotel.

The employee was also transferred to the Paphos general hospital and is undergoing a series of tests.


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