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Pharmacist on brink of license revocation over degree dispute

Pharmacist's license in danger amid degree investigation


In a recent turn of events, a pharmacist is on the brink of losing her license following an investigation by the state's Pharmacy Services.

According to a report on Philenews, the legitimacy of her degree has been called into question, with the university she claimed to have attended issuing a formal statement disavowing her qualification. The institution explicitly stated that it does not recognize the degree in question.

Despite being afforded the legal timeframe to validate her credentials, the pharmacist has not provided the necessary certificates. This has prompted decisive action from the Pharmacy Board, which recently decided to revoke her license to practice.

Elena Panagiotopoulou, the director of pharmaceutical services, shed light on the situation, saying, "We followed all legal procedures and granted the pharmacist adequate time to authenticate her degree. However, she failed to present the required certificates, leading to the board's decision."

In a contrasting outcome, investigations into ten other graduates from universities in the same European country, whose diplomas were also under scrutiny, revealed a different narrative.

The respective universities affirmed the authenticity of their diplomas, putting to rest any concerns about the credibility of their qualifications.

As the pharmacist with the questionable degree now faces a police investigation, the case is expected to proceed to legal channels in the near future. The unfolding events underscore the importance of maintaining the integrity of professional credentials in the pharmaceutical field.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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